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What is a  Ayurveda consultation ?

The session will provide you with a complete assessment of your physical, mental and emotional situation and make recommendations for improving and restoring your health and wellbeing. The objective of the ayurvedic consultation is to restore the balance in the body, using principles of this 5000 year old science. The advices and therapies are of prime importance. The process is neither substitute to medical or psychological diagnosis.

Each Personal Consultation includes
-   A detailed health evaluation using traditional Ayurvedic assessment tools such as pulse, tongue analysis and detailed questions
  -    An analysis of your body type or prakruti
   -   Creation of a customised program to suit your needs, a printed copy of which is given to      you . 

  •   The customised  program specially made for you includes

   -   Diet, nutrition advices
   -   Suggestions as to beneficial ayurvedic herbs and spices

   -   Suggestions for everyday life to help in improving your health and wellbeing
   -   Recommendations on healing Ayurvedic  panchakarma therapies
   -   Suggestions on relaxation, meditation and yoga techniques

You can book consultations by calling or emailing us

Do not hesitate to ask if you need a translation english- French.

Follow up consultations

Depending on your particular health concerns you may be advised to have a follow up consultation 3 – 4 weeks after your initial consultation.   Your progress will be reviewed and further advise given based on this assessment.   Normally, you would have a  30 minute follow up, however if you have more questions or concerns you wish to discuss, then an Extended consultation may be help.