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 Ayurveda  is a Knowledge of life ( Aayu)


A science that helps you lead long happy life, hence ayurveda is a preventive and curative medicine originating from the vedic knowledge thousands of years ago.

It is a natural science which offers a guideline to lead a healthy and happy  life .


 Ayurveda states that health is balance.


Ayurveda  believes  that human is a part of this nature and our existence is a coexistence. One of its basic concept says ‘ what ever is happening in nature, the similar happens in the body. Like the forces in nature that create- structure , maintain - transform and  movement- degeneration ,similar forces exist in our body. These  forces are responsible for the characteristics of our mind and body.


Ayurveda the preventive medicine


Ayurveda describes how to lead a healthy life. Using the guidelines on ideal daily and seasonal routines, diet, behavior and the proper use of our senses one can lead a perfectly balanced lifestyle.


Ayurveda  offers  treatments for various  diseases. It is an ancient medicine system .It has eight major sections namely kay ,bal, grah, urdhwang, shalya, danstra ,jara, vrishya.