Surya namaskar (sun-salutation) for our modern life styles: Bringing the power of Sun to our health

Every morning we wake up to a biological clock, sun rises and light is seen, this roles in motion our day. Have you ever thought about the power of the sun, which is governing our health and day-to-day life? The Sun is the source of light for our planet and the sun is the source of vitality for our existence.

What practice can we do to harness the suns power specially in the cooler months and in the winter months? I find sun-salutation is an effective practice to keep our body and mind healthy! The effect of sunlight on our cognitive functions is well known, also the effect of seasons on photoperiod and our health.

Health is not just the measure of the physical fitness of the body but health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. Health is a state of homeostasis of biochemical, physiological, psychological, social and spiritual well-being. If we agree to this then our fitness is not just our weight, BMI and physical fitness. Talking of only cardio(heart), or abdomen or fat seems to be incomplete. Instead if we could find a group of exercises which works for total body, breath and mental ability and spiritual wellbeing!! Form the holistic view, we need exercises and practices for our total well-being.

Sun salutation is such a practice or group of asanas mentioned in Yoga. I use the sun-salutations as a therapy in my ayurvedic consultation practice. In my experience is has given positive results in terms of energy and positivity and overall health of my patients.

Different evidence-based studies suggest that Sun-salutations or Surya namaskar i(n Sanskrit) improves metabolic function, strengthens the musculoskeletal system, balances endocrinal system, regulates the central nervous system, supports the urogenital system and gastrointestinal system. Surya Namaskar practice revitalizes body and keeps mind calm, attentive and stress-free. The physiological and psychological effect of Surya Namaskar should be explored more and more and also, the immense therapeutic potential of this yogic practice be used in our daily routines.

Thus, incorporating Surya Namaskar practices in modern lifestyle is an easy solution for healthy mind and body. And now let’s see why it is ideal for colder months:

Why is Surya Namaskar so ideal and complete for colder winter months?

Focusing on the warming energy of Sun, seems to be something essential in cold grey days! The biological clocks produce the circadian rhythms that influence our body functions. The Sunlight effects the circadian rhythms and can turn off or on various body functions. Sun-salutations ideally facing sun and praying the sun to shower the rays of light on our body just fits perfectly for winter months when day light is short. At the same time, it gives a full body stretch, reduces stiffness and fatigue. On top of all this Sun salutations helps clear the mind and build stamina for the whole day. Also, it connects you with your breath bringing awareness to the breath and unity (yog) of your body, mind and self!

The good news is that, everyone can do it at home. It doesn’t require equipment, just a mat, also it doesn’t require much space. It can be done in different variations to meet needs of people who have specific physical problems. Can be done by all age groups. It is not very time taking.

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