Our health and homeostasis are more vulnerable to diseases during the seasonal changes!

The changes in photoperiod (day light), temperature and other seasonal changes has a lot of impact on our immune systems. And thus, can have a profound effect on the causative factors and development of diseases in human body.

Human being is a part of this whole cosmos and ecology, we are part of the environment we see around us, and are subject to the environmental changes happening every season. The obvious seasonal changes we see around us are like the springing up of greens in the spring and the shedding of leaves by trees in autumn. Our body is also adapting and making changes. If our body is unable to adapt to the stressors of seasonal changes it may lead to dosha imbalances and thus opportunity for the development of diseases.

Ayurveda which is the science of healthy living gives a lot of importance to the sesonal regimes or Rutucharya . For the prevention of diseases, it is necessary to adapt to these changes and keep the dosha balanced. There are two major seasonal changes depending on the direction of movement of sun(soliste), namely, Utarayana and Dakshinayana. Every soliste is classified into three seasons further. In Ayurveda every season and its seasonal regime is described so that humans can adapt to the oncoming season and prevent diseases.


The period of transition between the seasons is Rutusansdhi. It has been observed that during this period the diseases are prevalent. Example the viral flu, allergies, air and waterborne infectious diseases etc. Also, the influence on mental status and bala or strength of body. The immune system or the body resistance to diseases is also stressed during this period. Hence influencing the disease process.

Thus, there should be a proactive effort made to be fit during the seasonal transitions, knowing that these periods of transitions make our bodies more vulnerable to opportunistic diseases. In Ayurveda the transitions are known to make imbalances in doshas, which leads to diseases.

During the seasonal change the diet and lifestyle changes are the important changes to be made. For example, in autumn the foods and life style which pacifies pitta and vata is to be done. Though there are a lot of other factors are to be considered such as as the constitution, bala, age, place of the patient. Also, if there is a tendency or history of a particular disease then plant supplements can be given to overcome the imbalance. The seasonal purification and removal on ama are also done in specific conditions.

Ayurveda the holistic science describes these seasonal regimes in detail. It is very important to understand and follow these guidelines in our modern life, where the lifestyle disorders are becoming bigger health issues!

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