Ayurveda guides the humanity towards longevity of life and a life full of health. In order to be able to fulfil our goals, our duties, our wishes in life (dharma, artha, kama and moksha) we need a long life and healthy body and mind. If we have money but we have no health, if you have money and means but a short life span, we will not have ability to fulfil your goals. Hence, Ayurveda has given us a unique concept of Rasayana treatment.

Rasayana is a Sanskrit word where Rasa means nourishment and Ayana means the channel or opening. Rasa is the element which nourishes our body, develops immunity and restores body tissues and functions (rejuvenation). Ayana is the means by which the body gets the excellence of rasa. Hence Rasayana is a process, a medicinal plant, diet or regimen which promotes a healthy long life.

The benefits of rasayana are said to be long life, good memory, sharp intellect, youthfulness, good health, radiance, excellent potentiality of body and sense organs.

In easy terms rasayana is a that process which facilitates optimum assimilation and circulation of the essence of food or medicine; thus, it rejuvenates, refreshes and revitalize the body and mind as a whole to make the body invulnerable to disease and decay.

Rasayana treatment plans have three aspects:

  • Prevention from diseases by building strength and immunity
  • Delaying of aging process by optimising body tissues and functions.
  • Medicinal therapy (plant based) to work on the chronic diseased states (by working on the of diseases with specific plants and processes). Every person is unique and thus to suit individual needs various rasayanas are explained in texts of Ayurveda.

A rasayana treatment can be planned for every individual as per his body and mind conditions. The treatment includes plant-based medicines, diet and lifestyle modifications, panchakarma therapies and counselling (individual consultation) over various issues.

Who should take Rasayana treatments: Rasayana treatments is for all those who want to live a long life free of diseases? For all those worried about ageing this is the step forward. It is especially important for men and women doing (having done in past) stressful jobs, women of menopausal age, people who have chronic diseases, feeling of fatigue, showing degenerative changes in body, having family history of chronic diseases.

Would you like to take this proactive step towards good health and long life!

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