All of us, we have a choice as to how we would want to live! We make various choices as to which job, place, studies, field of work and so on as per our priorities. But very few of us are thinking about choosing good health!!

Is health a choice, yes good health is! If I ask you is wealth a choice, you would say yes and good wealth is 😊 so what do you do to achieve this? You proactively find a path to earn wealth. You do not sit back and wait for it to happen. In the same way to have a good health you need to prioritise it and take steps to earn a good health.

Mahatma Gandhi said in his famous quote: “It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.”

Today everybody is talking about immunity. Immunity is our body’s inbuilt power to fight any disease. Our age, sex,history, and genetics can affect our immune system and make us more or less prone to disease. If your body is not functioning well then, your immunity will not function well. That’s so simple! Did you checkout is your body functioning well?

  • Checkout: If you are tired all the time, you are not hungry, you don’t sleep well, your digestion is not good, you don’t go to toilet every day, you are restless and anxious often, you have a bad breath, no radiance and so on, your body is not functioning well. If you ignore these signs then in some time it may manifest as a disease. When your body struggles with these factors the immunity (defence strength) suffers.
  • Ayurveda teaches that the body’s defence system depends on “Bala” or strength of body: The word “Bala” refers to the strength and ability of the body or part of the body to cope up with various stressors like diseases, microbes, change in seasons, results of wrong intellect- decisions, misuse of senses etc. Further the Ayurveda-Guru Charaka also classifies Bala as three types namely Sahaja (natural), Kalaja (seasonal and age) and Yuktikrita (acquired using different plants, food, activities etc).
  • Physical exercises (fitness) is only a part of activities to acquire bala but it is not all! When all the functions of body work properly i.e. digestion, metabolism, absorption, etc the person can lead a healthy life. The bala is varying from person to person. It may be achieved by personalised ahara(diet), vihar(life style) and through rasayana therapy.

Friends, our health is our own responsibility and we must be proactive towards our good health. Mere fighting a disease is not health but maintaining a good life is health! The time-tested age-old knowledge of Ayurveda is a good coach for us through our health journey!

Take steps towards health today and be prepared for coming days!

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