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Panchakarma are curative massage therapies in ayurveda. Brief driscription of some of them is:


Abhyanga is the application of oil to the skin followed by massage  in specific directions.


Swedana is the inducing sweating for therapeutic purposes. This may be used either for the promotion of health or for curing illness.


Kati basti is a procedure of applying oil and heat to the sacral or lumber region by retaining warm medicated oils, specifically on that area.


Pinda sweda therapy is massaging with warm pouches(prepared with herbs, milk, rice and other herbs) over your entire body using specific strokes.


Shirodhara means the continuous pouring of decoction, oil, or other herbal liquid on the forehead, allowing it to flow over the scalp, using specialised instruments.


Kansu is foot massage practiced with a small bowl called kansu and ghee.


Udavartana is a process of massaging the whole body below the neck with combination of powder of herbs in the direction,from extremities to heart.