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Yoga and Ayurveda are sister concerns as they originate from same source of knowledge,the Veda. Here we see in brief about yoga.


Yoga is a philosophy of life, a path where we train the body, mind and self to realize the true self.

Yoga is not just performing physical postures but the path is defined by the eight aspects

Yam Niyam  Asana Pranayam  Pratyahar  Dhyan  Dharana  Samadhi


 The yoga postures

There are various types of postures which are practiced in order to keep the muscular, circulatory , digestive, respiratory, reproductive, glandular systems and all other body functions in healthy balanced state.


Pranayam/breathing - It is an art of regulation of in- breath and out- breath. This helps the conscious breathing which in turn brings changes at all levels of body .
































Yoga courses

Yog Dharana 

every Thursday 6 pm to 7pm




-group yoga lessons for beginners

-yoga for women

-private yoga course