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Ayurveda cooking and Nutrition - The Food Medicine

The ayurvedic way of cooking is designing and transforming the collection of fresh wholesome ingredients in form of food ,which fuels our body.


These techniques are based on the principles of Ayurveda. A well-prepared ayurvedic meal is a presentation of six tastes, different food artcles, colours, aromas and flavors all together to restore balance to your body, mind, spirit, senses and also the emotions.


It is not just mixing thing to produce a tasty food item but it is a conscious effort to design the food which best suits the prakriti or body type of a person.

Food in ayurveda plays most important role in healthy living. 


What we should select to eat depends on the following

Agni - power of digestion

Bala - strength of body

Aahar - food type

Aahardravya - food items

The factors mentioned above differ according to Prakruti - the personal body constitution/body type and food preparation. Thus, we prepare the food to suit our body the best-the ayurvedic way..