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Neela Sheth

Doctor of Medicine , Ayurveda, University of Pune, India

Accreditation RME, ASCA, VSAMT

Dr Neela Sheth, postgraduate in Ayurveda from reputed University of Pune in India, is a well known ayurveda practitioner and health & lifestyle consultant. She is a thorough professional with a deep passion and interest for the science of Ayurveda, yoga and cultural diversity. She has the right blend of skills gained from her experience in various areas of clinical practice, yoga and academics. Specifically, over 8 years of specialized coaching and clinical experience , as well as research work in the area of herbo- mineral drugs.


Neela firmly believes that Ayurveda principles are valid beyond geographical boundaries. Applied with a proper understanding of one's lifestyle, culture and environment, Ayurveda can result in very positive effects. Neela's holistic approach combining medicine, lifestyle, personal health and stress management, with Ayurveda therapies and Yoga have led to good results to individuals across geographies.


Neela excels in personalizing Ayurveda principles to individual needs making the treatment practical and easy to implement on a daily base. The simple approach to solve root cause of problem rather than only treating the symptoms includes understanding a person's diet, lifestyle, culture, family, profession and stress drivers and addressing one's uniqueness.


Her cultural values drives her to continuously keep enhancing her knowledge as she firmly believes that a true Ayurveda practitioner is always a "Shishya" (Student) as this 5000 years old science has lot to offer and one life is not enough to grasp it all.